Sunday, 28 November 2010

Liparis L.C.Rich 1817


SUBFAMILY Epidendroideae, TRIBE Malaxideae SUBTRIBE Malaxidinae.

This is a large genus of over 250 mostly terrestrial species widespread in both the temperate and tropical areas of the world. This genus is made up of mostly terrestrials found in wet montane forests from sea level to 3000 meters and are characterized by having pseudobulbs with one or two leaves, a subumbellate or spicate inflorescence and flowers that have the sepals and petals free, the petals narrower than the sepals, a spurless lip, a footless elongate column and two pollina without caudicles, a stipe or a viscidium. (References : Jay Pfahl - orchidspecies)

List of some species:
Liparis compressa
Liparis lacerata
Liparis montana
Liparis palida
Liparis pilifera
Liparis prianganensis
Liparis purpureoviridis
Liparis rheedei
Liparis rhombea
Liparis terrestris
Liparis tricallosa

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