Friday, 27 August 2010

Grammatophyllum Blume 1825


SUBFAMILY Epidendroideae, TRIBE Cymbidieae, SUBTRIBE Cyrtopodiinae.

Found throughout southeast asia.

This species is part of the largest types of orchids, the plants and flowers have a large size.

The shape may look like a giant species of dendrobium, have sympodial type and segmented pseudobulbs. 

Basicly is divided into two, on the first type has elongated pseudobulbs that can grow to reach more than 2 meters long. The second form of pseudobulbs with short sections with up to 30 cm long.
Because of the elongated pseudobulbs, some Indonesian people says it is similar to sugarcane. So it is often also called "Sugarcane Orchid
And by some local residents kalimantan called it "Tewu Tadung". Tewu means sugarcane and Tadung means Snake Cobra (reffer to the segment that snake cobra scales like)
The flower stems emerge from the bottom segment of pseudobulbs, but in some cases, it can emerge in the middle or end of the pseudobulbs. Can reach up to 10 cm broad. Bunganya memiliki blotches pattern.
Other names for this orchid is called "Tiger Orchid" because it's flower pattern.

List of several species:Grammatophyllum Rumpianum
Grammatophyllum Scriptum 

Grammatophyllum Scriptum ( var Citrinum) 
Grammatophyllum Speciosum 
Grammatophyllum Stapeliiflorum

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