Thursday, 26 August 2010

Coelogyne Lindley 1821


SUBFAMILY Epidendroideae, TRIBE Coelogyneae, SUBTRIBE Coelogyninae.
Found in nearly all Asia regions and some islands in the Pacific.
Have various form of pseudobulbs, cylindrical to narrowly pyriform, tube-shaped spike, flat oval and round. Carrying 1 to 2 plicate leaves.
The most famous one is Coelogyne Pandurata , which are found in the forests around my city. And in Indonesia known as “the Black Orchid”.

List of some species:
Coelogyne Asperata
Coelogyne Dayana
Coelogyne Flexuosa
Coelogyne Foerstermanii
Coelogyne Mayeriana
Coelogyne Pandurata
Coelogyne Peltastes
Coelogyne Rochusseni
Coelogyne Speciosa
Coelogyne Verrucosa

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