Thursday, 2 September 2010

SECTION Calcarifera J.J.Sm

Some experts in recent years separating SECTION Calcarifera of the Genus Dendrobium and put it into a new Genus, Genus Eucycaulis.
Distribution covers various areas in Southeast Asia but the main distribution is in borneo

Dendrobium aff. crocatum
Dendrobium amethystoglossum
Dendrobium annae
Dendrobium arcuatum
Dendrobium compressimentum
Dendrobium corallorhizon
Dendrobium crabro
Dendrobium crocatum
Dendrobium cumulatum
Dendrobium cymboglossum
Dendrobium derryi
Dendrobium endertii
Dendrobium epidendropsis
Dendrobium foxii
Dendrobium guererroi
Dendrobium hamaticalcar
Dendrobium hughii
Dendrobium hymenophyllum
Dendrobium inflatum
Dendrobium ionopus
Dendrobium jiewhoei
Dendrobium kelamense
Dendrobium lampongense
Dendrobium montanum
Dendrobium mutabile
Dendrobium nudum
Dendrobium panduriferum
Dendrobium priangense
Dendrobium rantii
Dendrobium roseatum
Dendrobium sanguinolentum
Dendrobium sarawakense
Dendrobium serena alexianum
Dendrobium serratilabium
Dendrobium spathilingue
Dendrobium subflavidum

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